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Hand Pumps

A rotor and stator hand pump for pumping water from boreholes and wells to depth of up to 150 metres.

Auzer hand pumps, originally designed and developed by Mark Payne in 1985, these hand pumps have been developed to offer enhanced operation and extended operational lifetime due to its robust construction, which offers a maintenance-free and easy-to operate solution to the manual pumping needs in the rural areas for drinking water and areas where no alternative power source is available.


Positive displacement principle, allows for physical ease of use to assist young and old users.


2 rotor and stator types to choose for water source up to 150 meters deep.


For shallow wells/boreholes, a self-compensating stator for ease-of-use has been incorporated which means as pressure increases, the rotor and stator fit tightens to increase efficiency.


The Units have been fitted with a non-return valve to stop water from running out of column, resulting in water being available on the next rotation.


Rotors are Hard-chrome plated


Direct-drive design eliminates gears


Sealed Bearings means no maintenance and long life.

Discharge heads


Direct-drive heads are maintenance free and are targeted at shallow wells or boreholes of up to 60 metres


Geared drive head are maintenance free with a 1-3 ratio and sealed unit with forged gears ideal for wells and boreholes of up to 150 metres.


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