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Welcome to Auzer Pumps

Auzer Pumps affiliation in the design and manufacturer of Positive displacement pumps over the last few decades has created a robust and durable pump that is able to operate under the toughest working conditions throughout Africa. These robust pumps work in all pumping applications in the Agricultural, Industrial and mining sectors.

Auzer Pumps is a pioneering manufacturer that delivers reliable, competitively priced, off-the-shelf pumps, discharge heads, pipes, line shafts and spare parts.

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Auzer Products

Auzer Dosing Pumps

Auzer Dosing Pumps

Positive Displacement Pump Manufactures

Auzer Borehole Pumps

Auzer Borehole Range

Positive displacement line shaft bore hole pumps

Auzer Industrial Pumps & Spares

Auzer Industrial Pumps & Spares

Manufactures of Rotor and Stator, coupling rods, main shafts and pin caps for many industrial horizontal and closed coupling rod driven pumps used in industrial and mining sectors.

Auzer Hand Pumps

Auzer Hand Pumps

A rotor and stator hand pump for pumping water from boreholes and wells to depth of up to metres

Auzer Horizontal Pumps & Spares

Auzer Horizontal Pumps & Spares

Versatile and reliable. The first choice
for a variety of water transfer duties in
agriculture, mining and general

Why Choose Us

We design quality pumps that helps in any situation. Our pumps are designed and manufactured with quality and value in mind, so that it can withstand any type of conditions. Water is one of the most important elements in South africa, which is why all our pumps are made to be high-quality, reliable and affordable. 

Our pumps are thoroughly tested to ensure that they can withstand any situation. and ensure their reliability. We offer a wide range of pumps from borehole pumps and dosing pumps, to hand pumps and industrial pumps.